Snippet: Seasalt



Seasalt have been around for a few years now. This is a cheap student eat. In fact they have two stores in Melbourne: one in Carlton and one in the city.

This might seem like a going out place to you, but trust you me, this is not. In fact this is a healthy takeaway place. This place allows you to have your supplements here. They are a healthy fish and chip shop. You order and then you pay. You can help yourself to sauces in which I wanted the siracha sauce. I love siracha sauce for its hot and firey taste. It also helps boost your metabolism.


Here I have had sweet potato fries which was really salty. But the fish was really good. It was $13.90 for just one plate of this with no salad. But I did add the siracha sauce which is fingerlickingly good. The fish is always fresh which is a good sign.

The service was a tad bit distinterested though. But then again I came around 7:30pm when they were just about to close and I did not know. I did not research their hours which was very foolish of me.


Do come here for your healthy fish and chips.

Healthy Lifestyle Lounge Christmas party

Its Coach Katherine and Akira here wanting to talk about the Christmas party we just went to and enjoyed ourselves at. it was a frantic time at the supermarket for some waiting for the gift card to arrive and deciding on what to buy.

WP_20151218_19_24_37_Pro WP_20151218_19_38_14_Pro

In the end though we bought apples to this potluck love party. It wasn’t really love but Christmas is all about love and the joys of giving from food and wine to other gifts of the like. Here we had a Kris Kringle and no bon bons but carols. Here everyone brought food, one bought dips, others brought meat dishes and one brought a vegetarian curry all made with love.

Here we all just mingled and enjoyed the Christmas joyballs made with F1 shake. This is easy to make and it only needs water and the powder and here is the recipe from Herbie Masterclass. Instead of champagne and cocktails there was punch with the Herbal Tea and aloe. Yum.


Baget is a healthy student eat and I have been to both Bagets in the city. Here they do awesome Bhanh Mi’s ( or Vietnamese baguettes as you might like to call them). The owner Duy is a lovely guy and RMIT Newintstudents has met him a few times. He is down to earth and humbled and it shows in his food. RMIT Newintstudents have been a few times for their events and Leandro has been only once or twice.

Eat and Be Merry really likes the place. Andrew from Foodscrazy also liked it. A few bloggers were invited to their last event which included tapas and lots of them and tales. One thing that I know is that they are good at their vegetarian Bhanh Mi and they showed us how to make the pork one at their latest shindig which we were invited to. This involved lots of champagne and merry making.


I have sat outside a few times and on a sunny day like today outside is always nice. I have tried to make rice paper rolls last time at their event and it was quite fun to do. But mine kept on breaking. I have also made pickled carrots one time and my carrot sticks were quite thick. After a few days my fridge smelt very pickly. Making the bhanh mi at this event was fun.

WP_20151216_16_15_46_ProI love their sweet potato chips as it is so addictive from the pepper and salt that they use. It really didn’t need much of that sauce.

Leandro and I watched them make the Bhanh Mi. It was a lot of fun and the Bhanh Mi tastes just as good as always. The staff are always friendly and are happy to talk whilst making the bhanh mi. In fact someone on Zomato started complaining about the loud music. In fact I am fine with this and they don’t always have loud music. In fact it is the other way round.

WP_20151216_16_44_54_Pro WP_20151216_16_38_48_Pro WP_20151216_16_26_20_Pro

As a vegetarian lover I am a fan of their Buddha’s bowl which is grilled tofu and vermicelli. Here you can pick this up for $10 as a huge serve. The tofu was cooked perfectly. I loved the fish sauce in here.

WP_20151216_17_10_49_Pro WP_20151216_16_56_50_Pro

I have never tried cassava cake but this was really good. It was not too sweet and very fluffy on the inside.


Do come by Baget for your quick and healthy lunch or early dinner ffix as they are open from 10:30am-6:30pm and their staff are really lovely and care about the customers.

Snippet: Hamodava Cafe

The Hamodava Cafe is in Bourke st and is run by the Salvation Army which help the less fortunate people. You can get a meal here for cheap, close to $0. Here they serve lots of western foods such as pastas, turkey, pork, roast potatoes and the like. Here they also do some great desserts.

But they need all the support that they can get over the Xmas and New Year period to be able to keep serving food to all of their customers.

The crackling was hard but good. I enjoyed the one single big piece of pork, peas and fried potatoes. Yum. I love to celebrate Christmas at the Salvation army and you can volunteer for them too.

WP_20151218_12_32_14_Pro WP_20151218_12_34_04_Pro

David Jones Food Hall

WP_20151208_13_19_20_Pro WP_20151208_13_24_06_Pro WP_20151208_13_24_24_Pro

David Jones Food Hall has been around for a very long time. It is not just a food court, you can buy stuff to take home or back to your office which is healthy. There is no junk food here, with the exception of pizza which is made fresh on site and the slices are tiny for one. This is a good way to remind yourself not to eat too much as one slice of pizza is a mere $8.95. The salads here are good and they used to have their own juice bar, but now Top Juice has taken over it. I bought one for $6 one time and it was filling.

Service can vary depending on the store but usually the staff at David Jones are friendly. But the tables there are a mess. Usually I get food to takeaway back to my office.

The line at Top Juice at 1:30pm was huge and long as people wanted their fruit juices to keep them cool.


Today I got Top Juice’s kale and quinoa salad which is low in GI and has a lot of proteins from the kale, pomegranite and the quinoa. The dried pomegranite added that sweet touch to the food. On top of that for a mere $2 I added some plain yoghurt which worked well. I loved the kale. The kale was a great super antioxidant.

Another time I went to their sushi shop. Their sushi was not that good, but today I had the vegetarian one which was alright. Last time I went I got their udon and seafood sushi and it was not at that great according to RMIT Newintstudents.

At the other end is the grocery store and the wine store. Here people can buy Christmas gifts and other grocery items to take home to cook. Today I tried the fruit cake which is lovely. Sometimes there are samples from various departments in the food hall for people to try stuff. One time there was fruits and it was fresh.

I have bought some fruits before and they were always fresh.

They also have a chocolate section and sweet section sweet which I usually stay away from as I am a health freak.


Do come by for your healthy lunch needs



Snippet: Grill’d


Grill’d is a chain store so I have had some good and some bad luck here. But everything seems to be getting more and more expensive now in terms of their burgers and chips.  All in all I have been to about five stores. I haven’t been to the one in Highpoint but I have been to the one in Southern Cross, Flinders, Windsor, Southbank, Melbourne Central and QV. A few years ago they started in Melbourne and today they are still going strong with their brand new, innovative health ideas. The last idea they had was the gluten free bun and now that’s available in all stores.

WP_20151213_19_24_02_ProThey now have stores in Sydney and Queensland.


Grill’d aims to be healthy and stay that way. The one that I liked best is Southern Cross and the one that I hated the most is at Southbank. To be healthy, I enjoy zucchini chips but not when there is a puddle of oil down the bottom. I also enjoy vegetarian burgers when done right. This one at Flinders was lukewarm and hard to eat but I managed to finish all. It was the falafel with friends burger ($11.90).

WP_20151213_19_22_55_ProBut the chips were just healthy goodness there.

Do go to Grill’d for their healthy chips and burgers. Sure they may be a little bit exxy. During the summertime it is a lot of good fun to grab a burger and head on down to the beach


Vapiano by RMIT Newintstudents

Vapiano is a pasta place in the heart of the city. It is in Flinders lane near the train station.

Here they aim to cook food to perfection but each time we went the food keeps getting worse. This is in particular to the pasta area where there are some instances where pasta was not cooked well. We have never had any problems in the pizza area. In fact the pizzas were always good and cooked well.

Every season they some specials and menu changes which is shown at the table and on their Facebook page. If you sign up to be a fanatic then you will also know.


They use a chip card system which makes paying your bills easier. This is in particular if you are in a large group but sometimes there is a bit of confusion over the credit card. This hasn’t happened to me but I witnessed some confusion over a large group trying to pay the two cards together via credit card. At the pasta station you wait for your pasta where as at the pizza station they give you a buzzer and it buzzes when your pizza is ready.

WP_20151209_20_21_33_Pro WP_20151209_20_21_27_Pro WP_20151209_20_21_22_Pro

I had the pasta with garlic oil ($14.90). The add on of prawns is an extra $3.90. Luckily for me I had the Entertainment card offer of 50% off the main meal so it was not too bad and I also had dessert. Drinks were a little bit pricey but luckily I had my fat burning tea with me. There was a bit of a queue and some confusion at the pasta station as to what to have. I had a salad beforehand so I was not too hungry and I had my serve of vegetables. It took them about two minutes to cook my pasta when at least at home it takes about 5 mins. It would have been nice if they included some onions in the dish. At home onions were always included in every pasta dish I make. There was much oil in there so I added some extra virgin olive oil which was at the table.

WP_20151209_19_54_48_Pro WP_20151209_19_48_46_Pro WP_20151209_19_48_05_Pro

The bread on the other hand was lovely. Whilst waiting for the pasta I tried their sauces and all in all I’d say that they need to change the sauces every so often as they were a day old and were curdling around the edges. The complimentary bread that I had had no butter with it so I added balsamic vinegar to cheer things up.


Yes their dessert was the highlight of the evening. That and their lollies which I ate on the way out. All of their desserts with the exception of the tim tam cheesecake was $5.90. The tim tam cheesecake was $7 and looked too rich. I have had the death by chocolate cake before and my god it was soooooooooooooo rich. But the pannacotta was really good. It was light and creamy. The raspberry sauce on top was just alright.

Rating: 11/20- erm I don’t know. It is lucky that I have the entertainment book voucher or otherwise I would have not been happy to pay full price.

Ascot Food Store



WP_20151208_09_41_58_ProThis is a health food cafe which RMIT Newintstudents went to. Here they use fresh produce which is sourced locally. Even their milk is sourced locally.

The place is busy on the weekends and is quiet during the weekdays. There isn’t a lot of room for dogs although Amicus from Mon’s Adventures might be welcome. The waitress was just ok. She wasn’t that friendly.


The cafe is on the number 59 tramline and is close to Moonee ponds. This place has been blogged about by 22 other bloggers who all loved the soldiers and the soldiers were fun to eat. It worked well with my Herbalife tea and the long black that I had.

The long black was just alright. It didn’t have much of a tasteWP_20151208_09_48_18_ProWP_20151208_09_56_04_Pro

I had their famous 62C eggs which were not too cold and not too hot. It was lukewarm and it worked well with the brioche. The cheese also worked well making it a not so sweety dish. On top of that I added mushrooms just as an extra source of vegetables. I also loved the saltiness of the truffle.WP_20151208_09_59_27_Pro

There are lots of other locals around but so far this is the best one that I have been to. I really want to go to Phat milk though.

Lentils as Anything

This meal was paid for online

Lentils as Anything is a pay as you feel place and its a healthy vegetarian place. This place is run by volunteers who are very friendly and are keen to learn. The clientiele are people that love good health such as myself and Leandro. In fact there are a few branches in Melbourne and Sydney. There used to be one in Abbotsford, but I have no idea as to whether or not its still going as news of uncertainty went around on Facebook feed about this.

I enjoyed my meals at St kilda with my Herbalife supplement.


At Thornbury I had to wait a while for my meals which were small and at Footscray I could help myself and I donated a magazine.

Here we both love the okomiyaki which is a Japanese pancake made with cabbage and vegetables and flour and lots of love. I loved that there was not too much sauce in this. Some place drown out the flavour with loads and loads of sauce which is bad for you. The food did take about twenty minutes to arrive to the table, but it was a relaxed setting. Footscray WP_20151209_13_39_20_Pro

Lentils is more like a buffet style. The lentils in St Kilda does not do dessert but the one in Preston and Thornbury does.


The green curry was good too. It had the right amount of creaminess and the rice went well with it too. It was really spicy but luckily Leandro and I can stand it.

Do support Lentils as they are always supporting the community by giving work experience in terms of volunteering. If you can why not volunteer with them?

My Melbourne Transformation challenge by RMIT Newintstudents


I recently did the Melbourne Body Transformation challenge. Here this was a good way to meet new people as well as get some new tips about my diet and how to change it for the better. The challenge went for six weeks. During that time there were a few meetups and webinars in which I could learn a lot. One of the meetups was at 1000 steps which were grueling.  The other two were at Albert Park where it was much easier for a fit person like myself.
I put on about 2% of body fat and have some muscles. I am still to learn a lot more and will do this in the coming weeks. At first, I was a little bit skeptical about doing this challenge, but this challenge did not require much of me. All it required was a healthy diet, shakes, and exercise. Most of which I was incorporating into my lifestyle. I wanted to do this challenge to learn about becoming a better version of myself.

I did a video of my challenge so that you can see what I ate and did throughout the challenge. You can also see how easy it is for you to do. It was $69 to sign up but I learned a lot and went to a few of the fitclub days which were included. In the end, there was a recognition party for all the challengers.
Some things that I learned throughout the challenge
* I learned to snack wisely
* I also learned that having cheat days is ok as long as its in moderation. In fact I had one week where I ate bad food for the entire week and never put on much weight. And then I got back on track in the following week.
* Taking accountability for yourself is important. There are apps for this if counting calories are new to you such as myfitnesspal and Fitbit.
* Eating some good fats is important. The serving should be the size of your thumb. Before the challenge, I used to eat a lot of bad fats and fried food. I still like fried food, but I don’t eat as much due to the fact that the restaurant uses these cheap oils which is bad for my body.

* I learned to love peanut butter. As a person growing up I thought it was very fattening. But now I love it and its at 120 cal per tablespoon.
* I tried to consume fewer calories and more proteins but sometimes it just did not work. I am still trying to learn about the calories. One day at Diwali I consumed about 3000 cals that day and the sweet was about 2000 cal. Luckily that day I did do some exercise beforehand. Now I know not to have too many sweets as they are wasted calories.

* Dairy is really important and I’ve learnt to like the taste of milk. As a teenager I never liked to drink a lot of milk as I thought it made me fat, like many Asian cultures. But now I know it is for strong bones and muscles. Ever since I started going to the gym, dairy has been good to me.

* Before starting the challenge, I never really liked protein shakes until I came across Herbalife. I thought that the ones that are commercially done tasted like crap and didn’t really fill me up. Some of the commercial ones made me feel like I’m fat and made me crave for more food. Herbalife’s shakes taste great and are made with real food. Unlike other ones they have the gold stamp of approval meaning that everyone can use them. These shakes have no caffeine in them.

Do get back to your coach if you want to start the next challenge as they will have all the details on how you can join. The challenge is a great way to learn a lot in 6-8 weeks.