Why are Lord of the Fries sweet potato chips are healthier for me

Lord of the fries has been around for a few years now and I have always enjoyed eating their sweet potato fries as it is sweet and less starchy. They have loads of other offerings such as their vegan burgers and fries. I am a pescatarian by nature and enjoy these things.

Outside the Prahran store. Image courtesy of RMIT Newintstudents

I have been to their stores in Melbourne many times and enjoyed these visits. I was a bit sad though when their Elizabeth st store shut last year. But oh well these things happen. However I loved visiting their Prahran store as they had plenty of good offerings. And their store was clean. The staff there welcomed me.

These fries are healthier because they are vegan. They are freshly cooked everytime you order them and it tastes good. I love the thought of eating vegetables without all the added fat and sugar. They say that animal fat is bad for you.

Sweet potato fries. Image courtesy of RMIT Newintstudents

Sweet potato is said to have much more energy and its low in GI. Afterwards I felt full. As a healthy nutritionist on a mission I enjoyed half the pack as a snack without sauce. I believe in eating more vegetables and fibre. This did not disappoint me. I went to the store in Melbourne Central after my appointment as I was a little bit peckish from just salad and fat burning tea.

Do try it as a snack and in fact we have attached a homemade recipe from watchmojo.com which shows you how to do this

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