The Pantry Challenge

Food wastage costs us about $30 billion each and so as a part of the Sustainable Living festival we did the Pantry Challenge in January.

We had so much leftover food from last year at Christmas time and November when we catered for a wedding. During this challenge we managed to use up most of the food. Some of it though we gave it away to those that were less fortunate via the Ascot Vale Little Pantry. We ate the croutons and other things and donated that Maggi two minute noodles that we don’t eat.

We used up some of that Couscous and it was yum.

During the last few days of the challenge we used the nuts and seeds that we had leftover to make nut bars. Normally nut bars costs about $3- $6, but if we make them at home its about $0.50 per bar. The linseed that we used from last years Fitness Expo was free, but the other nuts and things cost us about $15 altogether.

One day I had the leftover honey as a bit of added sugar. All the manuka honey that was in the pantry was also used up. We ate up all the Goji berries and noodles in the pantry. Also all the cans of beans was eaten then. At the RPM initial training I ate the last of the protein drinks.

Do the Pantry challenge if you can. You might just find something useful out of it and you might just save yourself a bit of money in the process


Healthy weight week

Healthy week weight falls in the third week of January.

“Just what is a healthy weight?”

For me a healthy weight is 51kgs. That would mean that I have a BMI around 19. For most people this is healthy. Now weight can fluctuate sometimes particularly for females. So I would suggest weighing yourself once a week and don’t beat yourself up if you have a crappy day. Its ok to have a crappy day

Its also about Smart eating and this we have learned to embrace. Its hard to do at first but then after a while, you get used to this. Here we learned to give up ice cream and drink water instead.

Giving up on Friday drinks is hard and is unsustainable for most people as we love the wind-down. Friday was one warm day so I didn’t beat myself up about doing a lot of exercises not even a run.

And then on Sunday, I had a sausage in a bun for Australia day. I wasn’t going to give up Australia day celebrations. But I went for a 26 run beforehand.

Crazy clothes Fridays

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Office workplace culture can be stressful at times. So I have this awesome idea of offices having these crazy clothes Fridays. People dress up in a costume of a particular theme or pjs and they work for that day. This is meant to be a stress free idea to get people laughing and talking.

But businesses don’t have to do this if they don’t want to (ie a law firm or a bank).

I thought about this idea after seeing Mind Body Miko’s crazy idea for different coloured socks and thought that could work.

For example workers could dress up as witches and ghouls one week and fairytale characters the next week or superheroes or villains. Workers could use their local op shops to scour outfits. They could raise some money for charity this way. People donate the money (whatever amount they’d like to give) into a small box which a charity gets decided later on as everyone might have a different charity that they’d like to volunteer with. There could be a vote and whoever’s costume is the best gets the most money for their charity. The bushfire relief is one charity where they could donate that money.

Try this idea and see how you go. Happier employees equates to much more productive ones. Happier employees equates to healthier employees and less sick days which is what a company wants.

Health bloggers and where do we sit

We are health coaches. We are not your doctor!

We the health bloggers sit somewhere in the middle. We advocate on behalf of the public and advise the public on what to do. We attend seminars regularly and include the low income earners in the information we give.

The healthcare world is very complex and its tough on everyone

In the healthcare world there is so many occupations and patients have to see their GP. Sometimes its bulk billed other times its not. Who pays for the service? Is it you or them? The private insurers don’t give much back to the doctor and the hospital so the patient is left wondering whether they should go private or not.

With health blogs most of the information is free, but the services that some of them offer is not.

Usually patients have more than one problem and they might end up seeing multiple people. In the healthcare spectrum on the top sits the Government. The Government funds some of the doctors and hospitals. Then we have the doctors, pharmacists themselves and the hospitals. The dieticians and nutritionists communicates with the doctors and patients regarding their needs. After that its the health blogger who understands the jargon and can clearly communicate that better to the public. And then down the bottom is the gym who has no idea of what a healthy diet looks like.

We’re always learning and reading new books about things and the way we communicate with people. We try to be on people’s level and not in our own world or bossing people around. We don’t say do this or that. Rather it’s up to people. We learn about people’s mindset this way.

We also learn about sustainability and emotions and how they can impact our eating patterns as that is important for our patients to know. We learn about sustainable practices and the ways that it best suits our clients.

We don’t do diet drinks and shakes and quick fixes. Rather we do things in a sustainable manner.

Do feel free to comment here as well as contacting us about your health problems that you may have.

Brittany runs a Marathon

The story is a motivational one and one about why you should take up running even though you are fat or have a disability. It just goes to show that anyone can run. This movie is on Amazon Prime and for new customers they get 30 days free.

This movie is based around a woman’s life- Brittany. And it’s a true story about this sad 27 year old who is fat, drinks a lot and is lazy. She has an apartment and a job that doesn’t pay so well at the theatre. She sleeps a lot during the day. At the beginning she was always late for work because she missed her train. But then when she started training for the New York City marathon, she manages to get the train.

The first time she went to the doctor he recommended that she lose weight and become healthy. And that’s what she did. It takes a lot of courage to become healthier and run a marathon.

At the beginning of the movie Brittany weighed 193 pounds and then she started running a mile, then two miles. Over time she ran faster and faster. Her New York city time was 3:49 hours. That year that she trained, she befriends Catherine who lives in the same apartment block as her and is always perfect. She also baby sits a dog and befriends Jern. Eventually they move in together and they become intimate. At this time she loses her other drinking friends especially Gretchen. Gretchen, although a teacher seemed a bit self centred and not learning to respect Brittany’s space and no.

Later on she gets kicked out and moves back home. She also gets a stress fracture. But a year later she runs the marathon.

Do see the movie if you like to be motivated to lose weight.

Is Butter a Carb?

“Is Butter a Carb?” is an iconic quote from Mean Girls and I had been thinking about it ever since, pondering over this question.

I guess it is one in today’s society that we must all answer at some point. We have been taught to think critically about some of the information that we see and hear, surrounding diets. I have never been a huge fan of the word “diet”.

“Is Butter a carb?” is an actual book written by Rosie Saunt and Helen West. Here they talk about weight stigma as well as the good and the bad fats. They dispel many of the myths of the fitness industry these days surrounding nutrition and weight loss. I got the book on

Here they talk about diet culture and the weight stigma. Here they say that “it’s a bitch” and diet culture means purchasing the latest products at the gym that will help make you skinnier. Around 60% of adults are ashamed of how they look and its the same in Australia. Just in fact, this week at the gym a woman wanted to lose weight but she is perfect just the way she is. If she loses any more weight she could lose her period.

The book talks about cosmetic procedures as one of the most expensive ways to lose weight. In Australia we spend so much money on these useless procedures.

Should we quit sugar?

The answer is it depends! If it is added sugar then I’d say definitely. There are 42 sugars in the list. Most diet and wellness bloggers say quit all sugars. But I say keep the free ones. The free ones are found in things like fruit and milk. We need these to function properly. The other sugars we can quit.

But what about carbs and proteins?

We need them to survive. Without them we may as well not live. We need them for fiber and its better to go whole grain rather than the white starchy stuff. And most carbs do not make us fat- its what you choose that does. They recommend that you go low carb if you are trying to lose the weight.

We need proteins for muscle building. Without muscle building we cannot do much. Our bodies cannot function without protein.

Supplements do we really need them?

Yes we need them for our general wellbeing. But we can get most of the vitamins that we need from food. If we eat a balanced diet then yes we can get most things from food

Gut Health

Gut Health is a major health trend and we need to eat well for our gut to be healthy. If our gut is not healthy we get sick easily.

Do buy the book as its worth a read. And don’t be afraid of food. Diet culture is everywhere and don’t get too caught up in it.

Our January stats

We talk about our January stats.

In January the bushfire season worsened and then the Coronavirus hit. Like many businesses in Melbourne our blog was impacted a bit from these effects. That month we were involved in the bushfire efforts and promoting that people donate to them

Views on WordPress blog was 246 which was not great. That was down by 100 despite January being a busy month for the gyms. 71 people came from India. This might mean that Indians want to find some ways to live healthily and happily. The time that most people visited was between 12am-7am AEST.

Our Instagram followers were down by 30 people as most people liked to diet and lose weight fast. The picture with the detox juice got 10 likes and was regrammed from somewhere else. That someone else on Instagram got a lot of blasting for their picture and their diet. Most people agreed with us as this was not a good way to diet. In fact we reported them but they were never taken down on Instagram. Things like this we report as it is a danger to everyone’s health.

Our Twitter stayed the same as Coronavirus became the new hit. In fact we have about 393 followers. Some people left and others stayed on.

Goals for February

In February we’d like to have more views on our WordPress blog. We also would like to have more views and likes on Instagram as that says that people value their health.

We’d also like for people to donate as much as they can to the bushfire efforts. We’d like to see more visitors from other countries except for China to come and visit Australia as much as they can to help boost Australia’s economy. At the moment tourism is suffering.

Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars!

Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine as it is a healthy eating cafe.

The staff are lovely and down to earth and at 3:30pm when we went last time they were happy to serve us even though they have worked a long and tiring day. It’s always busy with people

I really liked their vegan breakfast bar as it is a good way to start the morning and they were Instagram worthy. Here they were not too sweet and aimed at 160-200 calories this bar is a must for those that want to lose the weight.

Also I love their teas and relaxed environment! It is in a shopping centre and it has some seating outside its store as well as inside. They also have a great range of coffees and I enjoy their cold brew.

If you are in Melbourne central do come by and check out their awesome coffees on Level 2 where all the clothing stores are.

Lets move 365: Don’t forget your vitamins

Many people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from their everyday diet. We explain what happens when people don’t get enough from their diet.

Food is not everything. In order to maintain good health students need to have some vitamins in their daily intake. We need vitamin A, B12, C and other vitamins. We can get this in a supplement form or as part of eating a balanced diet. The body cannot make its own minerals and vitamins and therefore we must get them from food and other supplements

Having enough vitamins and minerals mean that students have a lower chance of getting a cold or flu in winter as their immune system is great.

What does the immune system do?

It helps fight the bad bacteria and protects you against disease. It is made up of a number of cells and proteins in the body and it keeps a record of every germ that comes through the body. It could be whether you did not wash your hands properly to the common cold and flu.

If we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals the immune system will be deficient and will not perform as well.

What else happens if we don’t eat enough vitamins and minerals?

  • Brittle bones which is a result from calcium and vitamin D deficiency
  • Our physical and mental function can deteriorate- our body needs food to function properly
  • Anaemia which is a result from iron deficiency
  • Muscle cramps which is from not having enough potassium in the diet

So how do we prevent these deficiencies?

We should eat more of the right stuff when we can. When we track the food that we eat each day, take a look at the report at each of the vitamins and minerals section and that will give you some feedback on whether you are eating enough.

Choosing the best coffee machine

Melburnians and other people love their coffee and are very particular about it. If you were to buy your coffee each day it would be about $28 per week or $1456 per year. That’s a lot of money and paper cups used if it is a takeaway one.

So most people prefer to buy a coffee machine and their capsules which can save them a lot of money over time.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on


How much am I willing to spend? Am I willing to spend a lot or a little bit. Most Nespresso machines cost between $500-$1000. Where as a machine in Aldi costs about $90-$150. And don’t forget the capsules which cost extra


A coffee machine can last for years if you use it properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Do clean it after every use.

Most machines have a warranty period of one to three years. If there is a part that is not working properly and you did everything that you were supposed to, then you can take it to the manufacturer or retail store and get it fixed at no extra cost.

Try out the coffees before you buy.

This is a good idea to see how your prospective machine works and how to use it. Does it make good coffees or do they make crappy ones? A good cup of coffee is what matters to most people. Do you have to press many buttons to make the coffees. Does it make a lot of noise?

Most places will have test coffee machines and sales reps and you can see how they work. You can also ask them questions about their machines.

Do shop around for the best one. What works for one person might not work for others.

McDonalds new vegetarian burger

McDonalds has this new vegetarian burger and we review it here.

It is American Heart Health Month and for that month I decided to try the new McDonald’s Vegetarian burger thinking that it would be healthier for us. By that I mean that there’s no meat in the burger. Vegetarian means that the food would have less fat in there.

I saw the ad for their vegetarian burger online and really wanted to try this and see whether or not they compare to other vegan and vegetarian products that I have had. The other vegetarian products that I have had are healthy and are tasty. They have the right amount of salt and fat in them. We should have 16g or less of saturated fat daily.

People go into McDonalds each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people go in there almost everyday

Here their burgers have 21g of fat and are about 488 calories a serve. I ordered it with a meal like most people do. But what’s interesting is that their Big Mac has 28 grams of fat (10 of it is saturated). Here I loved the patty. The patty was creamy and there was not a lot of sauce to it. I had this with a diet coke.

People get the meal to takeaway. But you know what that paper bag along with all the other papery bits goes to landfill

It took a while to burn off and when it did it was all good. I ran a slow training race today because of that! And I nearly threw up a few times.

In short: its better to get it and other McDonald’s meals just as a treat, not for convenience

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